3 Reasons We Give Muslims Bibles

photoNext week, September 11th, Parkwood will observe Muslim Bible Day: a day we financially send the Word of God to Muslims. Muslim Bible Day (MBD) is a simple, effective way to respond to the greatest need that the Muslim world has today: access to a copy of the Word of God. Eliminating this need is what MBD seeks to cultivate through the simple action of giving a Muslim their first copy of the Bible. At $5 a Bible, MBD offers a great way a western Christian can play a role in smuggling Bibles into hard-to-reach contexts. For Parkwood to participate in MBD, we need our members to give what the Lord leads you to give on September 11th. Here are 3 reasons why Parkwood should give joyfully to this:


  1. The Word of God is living and active. Implications from Hebrews 4:12-13 is that God’s Word works on its own. Yes, we ought to make efforts to verbally proclaim His word–that is evangelism–to those who have yet to hear, but we know the Spirit moves when someone reads the Truth in their language. Let’s think further into the Hebrews passage. Living, active, sharp, piercing, discerning, eyes that expose. These descriptors reveal God’s Word acts as God himself, so that one’s innermost thoughts and intentions are exposed.
  2. Muslims want to have a Bible. The Quran instructs Muslims to read the Bible. (See Quran 10:94.) Devout Muslims are often familiar with this instruction, but have little access to finding the Scriptures. These people would likely be obedient to read the Bible if they had one. Nominal Muslims are typically unaware of this verse but have fewer barriers to agreeing to reading the Good Book. In fact, Muslims believe Jesus was a sinless prophet. Imagine knowing that but little else about Jesus.
  3. Giving to this offering is you professing with your money that Jesus is the ultimate solution to Radical Islam. Not government or foreign affairs. MBD was a result of Christian leaders who found a way to properly respond to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Join this effort with other believers that know Jesus the Messiah is the only way man can be made new, no matter the level of current or past enmity with God. Consider that “Pauls” may be sitting among the ranks of Boko Haram and ISIS. What did it take for Saul to convert? Jesus, the Word (John 1:1).

If you decided to give the money you would save from not dining out but choosing to eat a PB&J, how far could a decision that simple send the Gospel? Do the math, brothers and sisters. At $5 for 1 Bible you can give out of abundance, and you can give out of sacrifice. Keep in mind, giving God’s living Word to Muslims does not exempt us from finding opportunities to personally share the Gospel with Muslim neighbors in our neighborhood or around the world. For more information you can visit MBD’s website.

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