3 Ways to be Involved With PCO


Parkwood Community Outreach (PCO) is a volunteer-led ministry of Parkwood aiming to share the Gospel with those in our community. PCO provides basic, non-perishable food items and clothing to meet needs of those who find themselves in hardships or difficult financial situations. The Gospel is shared each time an individual or family is helped. PCO is not the only way Parkwood ministers to our community, but PCO is dependent upon Parkwood members helping in these primary ways:


  • Refer. Christians ought to walk carefully day-by-day, making the best use of time. (Eph. 5:15-16) This necessitates an awareness of the situations of those God has sovereignly placed around us. Since hardship finds its way into everyone’s lives, we must persistently seek ways to alleviate suffering with Gospel acts and proclamations. As a member, you can recommend those in your life to receive PCO assistance.
  • Donate. American and other Western Christians are uniquely resourced to give. It is well documented any American individual is one of the wealthiest people in the world currently. Although PCO reaches those in the US only, all Parkwood members have the capacity to give out of the abundance. (But recall Jesus’ teaching about the widow’s offering.) PCO regularly needs non-perishable foods, household supplies, and seasonal clothing. PCO can greatly bless a family if furniture, appliances, or vehicles are donated.
  • Serve. The most prevalent spiritual gift in the Church is service. Properly using your gifting of service could result in sorting clothes, stocking the pantry, or joining a home visit. Second Harvest Food Bank recently said PCO is the only ministry they know that delivers food to all people assisted. This is strategically done so that relationships are developed that allow for Gospel moments.


Recording large numbers of those helped does not drive this ministry. Obedience to the Scriptures in alleviating need in our community paired with the proclamation of Jesus as Lord is the motivator. Praise God that this Gospel-centered obedience led to 12,000 grocery-sized bags of goods given in 2015, and we pray that as PCO expands, so Gospel transformation in lives multiply throughout our community God has placed us in.
Email pco@parkwoodonline.org to contact a representative who would love to help you connect to the best place for you to serve our God on mission locally.

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