The word blog has a guttural sound that does not exactly bring an image to mind that is pleasing. It reminds me of a movie that I saw when I was a kid called “The Blob.” The Blob was a gooey mass that swallowed up everything in its path. Blogs in many ways do the same thing. Nothing is now outside the realm of being swallowed up by a blog. The world of cyberspace allows most anyone to say most anything about whatever they wish. As a result, I want to lay down some ground rules for myself as I launch into the world of blogging.

I will not use this blog to personally confront someone over something that I should have confronted them personally. Further, I will not drag personal confrontation into the world of cyberspace for everyone to read.

I will not use this blog as a place of complaining and griping. I commit to be direct with the application of Scripture as I am in my preaching. However, I will not sit down each time to write trying to think of something that I need to critique or complain about.

I will seek to use this blog to present the implications and application of the Word of God in a clear and careful manner.

I will seek to use this blog to to teach and share about things on my heart beyond what I have the time to handle from the pulpit on Sundays and Wednesdays.

I will seek to use this blog to answer questions that I get asked by believers and non-believers about the faith.

I will seek to use words in a careful and concise manner.

I will seek to be conscious of the potential implications of anything that I write or say.

I will seek to edify and encourage believers.

I will seek to glorify the Lord God.

Further, I will seek to be a good steward of my time. I am a Husband, Father, and Pastor. I am not a blogger. In other words, I will likely only blog once a week or less. I want to have something to say that births from reflection, study, and prayer. As a result, I pray that those who read the words found on this blog will be encouraged to live and think in a Christlike manner.

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