Glacier National Park

Mary Claire at Glacier

This photo describes some of what of what it is like to see Glacier Park.  Pictures will never do justice to the incredible beauty of the snow covered mountains and the crystal clear lakes.  The mountains on every side swallow you in this breathtaking environment.  The water rushing off the mountain sides and plunging into swollen creeks and rivers from the snow melt invites you to drink in all that you see.

I agree with the ranger who said to Mary Claire and Andrew as we were leaving, “You will never forget this day for the rest of your life.”

Jackson Glacier


On Top of the World

Today, we went to the highest point accessible by car in Yellowstone, nearly 9000 feet above sea level. The snow capped mountains are breathtaking. Around every curve in Yellowstone, you find something different. What a place! The evidence of the creative power of our God abounds.

As wonderful as the day has been, we missed worshipping with Parkwood.

Tower Falls

Mammoth Hot Springs

A Great Beginning

Rainbow over Yellowstone

After traveling for nearly an entire day, we arrived in West Yellowstone last night with a beautiful greeting.  The sight of the radiant colors of a rainbow was a fitting way to begin a trip that is focused on seeing the beauty of the LORD God’s handiwork.

The first full day in Yellowstone has proved to be just as awe-inspiring.  Here are a few highlights of the hundreds of pictures taken in one section of this incredible park…

Old Faithful

Walking through a geyser basin