Discipling, by Mark Dever, was written to “help you understand biblical discipling and to encourage you in your obedience to Christ.” Dever uses simple wording to help us see how simple discipling is. Discipling states that knowing how to disciple is knowing “how to help others follow Jesus.” This is by way of doing “deliberate spiritual good;” thus we see discipling won’t occur by a fluke, so preparation is necessary.


Among Parkwood staff, the consensus is that there is no other book on the command of the Great Commission–make disciples–that is this clear and immediately helpful. The Bible teaches the church is the natural environment for discipling, so recommending for all Growth Groups to study this book, we pray, will result in intentional, deliberate spiritual good to abound. Discussion guides will be made available in the same way as sermon-based material is provided (The City, our website, and the Worship Center Lobby). These books will continually be available in the lobby for a recommended $5 donation.


Recommended discussion schedule:

Week 1 (10/16) – Introduction

Week 2 (10/23) – Chapters 1 & 2

Week 3 (10/30) – Chapters 3 & 4

Week 4 (11/6) – Chapters 5 & 6

Week 5 (11/13) – Chapters 7 & 8

Week of 11/20 – Teacher’s Choice (Thanksgiving)

Week 6 (11/27) – Chapters 9 & 10

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