God’s Playground

Though the location has an unfortunate name, Devil’s Tower, the stop proved to be Andrew’s favorite.  What boy would not love a boulder field extending up the side of a mountain that you are free to climb and explore.  We all wished that we would have had more time to explore and take it all in.  President Theodore Roosevelt was so impressed by this location that he named it the first National Monument.  If you are ever passing from South Dakota to Wyoming/Montana do not fail to go out of your way for a few hours to see this unusual and beautiful site.

The remaining pictures are from our drive across Wyoming.  You know you have done a lot of driving when you hear the kids commenting after a seven hour drive, “That wasn’t that long…”

Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower from a distance

At the summit of a mountain pass

Across the plains


  1. What a great picture of Andrew. I wish his grandpa Long could have been there to explore it with him. It makes me miss the little sweetie Pie.

    Love, Mama

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