Why Parkwood Does Fall Festival

Typically, only those familiar with European or Church History see October 31st to be Reformation Day, a day Protestants reflect as paramount to their history. Take out this small minority, and the rest of our community has spent weeks gearing up for Halloween, a child’s candy-dream come true and a night of promiscuity for many.

Halloween is the one night Christians have collectively learned to neglect our neighbors by hunkering down in our homes, turning off our lights, and having a quiet evening to ourselves. George Robinson, in an article you ought to read, says of Halloween that it “is the only night of the year in our culture where lost people actually go door-to-door to saved people’s homes.” I suggest that lost people do not go to saved people’s homes, but they would! Trick-or-treaters know which doors are prepared for them, and as Ed Stetzer puts it, “You can meet more neighbors tonight—in one night—than any other day of the year” if we are prepared.

Although there has been a stronghold of Christianity in Gastonia and our region, we must view Halloween and other holidays evangelistically and missionally. Consider applying the framework of Matthew 5:14-16 to your Halloween witness. Don’t confine the Gospel message to a dimmed living room. Halloween makes evangelism as convenient as walking to your doorstep prepared to speak with boldness and love.
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Praying & Fasting

On Wednesday, October 26th, all Parkwood campuses will meet together at our Gastonia campus at 6:30pm for a specific prayer service. Wednesday’s gathering will have a dual focus: our nation and the nations. You can download the prayer guide or grab one at your campus.


To grasp why and how Christians ought to fast, read this previous blog and this one. These blogs include explanations and further resources on understanding how fasting and fervent prayer go hand-in-hand.


Every time we gather for these nights of prayer and fasting, thoughts of Acts 13 come to mind as your pastors have prayed God will “set apart for himself” individuals to be sent by Parkwood. This time of prayer will be focused on our region, America, Unreached Places and People, and Central Asia.


The Greater Charlotte region and North Carolina have been under much national scrutiny in 2016. The NBA, NCAA, and ACC are a few of the notable groups in sports who have been pressured to move important games out of the state. HB2 and Governor Pat McCrory have been the crux of the statements. Even the New York Governor banned “non-essential travel” to our state. Whether you’ve realized it or not, the left wing agenda has attempted to make NC laws on gender identification more liberal than France’s. While all of these things are going on, we must also keep the local advancement of the Gospel on the forefront of our minds. Parkwood must care deeply about families in our area, those in our congregation or not. We must care for those in our Growth Groups and office buildings alike. In light of the recent uptown Charlotte protests, we need to ask the question: how can the Church be as diverse on Earth as it will be in Heaven? These are tasks that necessitate ongoing prayer.

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Discipling, by Mark Dever, was written to “help you understand biblical discipling and to encourage you in your obedience to Christ.” Dever uses simple wording to help us see how simple discipling is. Discipling states that knowing how to disciple is knowing “how to help others follow Jesus.” This is by way of doing “deliberate spiritual good;” thus we see discipling won’t occur by a fluke, so preparation is necessary.


Among Parkwood staff, the consensus is that there is no other book on the command of the Great Commission–make disciples–that is this clear and immediately helpful. The Bible teaches the church is the natural environment for discipling, so recommending for all Growth Groups to study this book, we pray, will result in intentional, deliberate spiritual good to abound. Discussion guides will be made available in the same way as sermon-based material is provided (The City, our website, and the Worship Center Lobby). These books will continually be available in the lobby for a recommended $5 donation.


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3 Ways to be Involved With PCO


Parkwood Community Outreach (PCO) is a volunteer-led ministry of Parkwood aiming to share the Gospel with those in our community. PCO provides basic, non-perishable food items and clothing to meet needs of those who find themselves in hardships or difficult financial situations. The Gospel is shared each time an individual or family is helped. PCO is not the only way Parkwood ministers to our community, but PCO is dependent upon Parkwood members helping in these primary ways:


  • Refer. Christians ought to walk carefully day-by-day, making the best use of time. (Eph. 5:15-16) This necessitates an awareness of the situations of those God has sovereignly placed around us. Since hardship finds its way into everyone’s lives, we must persistently seek ways to alleviate suffering with Gospel acts and proclamations. As a member, you can recommend those in your life to receive PCO assistance. [Read more…]