Praying & Fasting

On Wednesday, October 26th, all Parkwood campuses will meet together at our Gastonia campus at 6:30pm for a specific prayer service. Wednesday’s gathering will have a dual focus: our nation and the nations. You can download the prayer guide or grab one at your campus.


To grasp why and how Christians ought to fast, read this previous blog and this one. These blogs include explanations and further resources on understanding how fasting and fervent prayer go hand-in-hand.


Every time we gather for these nights of prayer and fasting, thoughts of Acts 13 come to mind as your pastors have prayed God will “set apart for himself” individuals to be sent by Parkwood. This time of prayer will be focused on our region, America, Unreached Places and People, and Central Asia.


The Greater Charlotte region and North Carolina have been under much national scrutiny in 2016. The NBA, NCAA, and ACC are a few of the notable groups in sports who have been pressured to move important games out of the state. HB2 and Governor Pat McCrory have been the crux of the statements. Even the New York Governor banned “non-essential travel” to our state. Whether you’ve realized it or not, the left wing agenda has attempted to make NC laws on gender identification more liberal than France’s. While all of these things are going on, we must also keep the local advancement of the Gospel on the forefront of our minds. Parkwood must care deeply about families in our area, those in our congregation or not. We must care for those in our Growth Groups and office buildings alike. In light of the recent uptown Charlotte protests, we need to ask the question: how can the Church be as diverse on Earth as it will be in Heaven? These are tasks that necessitate ongoing prayer.

Places in America that were once “Gospel strongholds” are failing. Consider Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn was dubbed the “Borough of Churches,” but recent statistics show the NYC Metro area has about a 4% Evangelical population. Consider how misaligned the US’s beliefs are from biblical truths. Christian Americans also battle with trusting God to be more sovereign than any candidate running for any office. The United States is looked to by the world for leadership and help, which means being an American is a great privilege and responsibility, so praying the American church would be the most diverse, beneficial, godly, accountable, etc. organization in American communities and cities is imperative.


It is estimated 3 billion, of the 7 billion people on Earth, are unreached with the Gospel. An unreached people means a people group has no more than 2% of an evangelical population. We must pray for the people from Parkwood who are living in working in places that are unreached. We must pray for people from Parkwood to go to these places. It is a good thing to be sobered by praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters among the Dibo of Nigeria, the fledgling churches and leaders among the Honduran Chorti, and the even Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist immigrants who are finding their way to Gastonia.


Parkwood has been seeking the Lord for direction as to the best way to engage Central Asia with the Gospel. It is an exciting time as opportunities for our members to go are increasing as well as prospective Mid-Term and Long-Term missionaries to go to lands where 47% of the people groups there are not just unreached, but unengaged and unreached. How many of us could locate Tajikistan on a map? What about spelling the country whose capital is Baku? Central Asia is hidden from us today, but since we believe Christ’s Lordship is universal, so must Gospel proclamation be. No people group can be overlooked. We must come to together and pray for current missionaries in Central Asia and for Parkwood to send out missionaries to Central Asia.


At the end of the day, we know prayer is a must, and we do not believe fasting is a way to “conjure” up a move of the Spirit, but coupling praying and fasting is done out of obedience. As we pray for our region, country, the unreached, and specifically Central Asia, we must pray to the end of declaring our lives as not our own, a living sacrifice to God, and subservient to His will for our lives.

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