Racial Reconciliation 

Racial Reconciliation. The term exists only because sin exists. The call goes out for racial reconciliation because racism abounds and it should not. While seemingly commendable, the call to reconciliation is alone presumptuous, for there will not be racial reconciliation until first there is confession and repentance. Racism is more pervasive than hating someone of different skin color; it is people acting consistent with their fallen nature. Racism is deeper than people of one ethnicity behaving sinfully against those of different ethnicity. The problem stems from a perverted theology of the image of God, and the problem is as deep as our disdain and rejection of God’s character and design for his creation.  
So do we need Racial Reconciliation Day? Well, I guess we do, inasmuch as a society of prejudice should experience reconciliation, and we should not miss or reject the opportunity to announce the clarion call against such a horrid sin. However, the goal that we seek is not a culture that preaches reconciliation, but a culture in which we experience unity and love in the midst of ethnic diversity. In other words, racial reconciliation, while admirable, is only a point in the process and not the goal. Having the goal of racial reconciliation assumes the continued existence of racial prejudice for which reconciliation is required. Is it not better to have as our goal brotherly love borne from a theology of every man as an image-bearer of God?

I am not saying in the least that we should oppose racial reconciliation, but I am questioning the presumed goal and the means by which we arrive. The goal is life in Christ through which we glorify and proclaim him and in which we recognize and value fellow human beings as image-bearers of God. And the means is the gospel – repentance from sin and surrender to Christ. Under no other circumstances can we realistically hope to see true racial reconciliation. So, yes, let’s acknowledge racial reconciliation, and let’s strive to see it become a reality; but let us not lose sight of the gospel and also recognize the mission of God to magnify his glory and make his disciples as the ultimate goal.