Via Dolorosa


We walked the Via Dolorosa, the way of the Cross. Though the exact path is not recorded in Scripture, pilgrims have been retracing the steps of Christ to Calvary for centuries. The Via Dolorosa is marked with stations to stop and reflect on the final hours of the life of Jesus. Though part of the stations are based on tradition, most of them are based on Scripture. We paused at each of the locations assigned to represent the words of the Bible by reading from the Gospels.
The pace of life around you as you make your way and read from the Word of God gives you somewhat of a feel for what it was like on Good Friday. However, the Word of God clearly reminds you that what took place on that day will never be repeated. The blessed words of our Savior say it all…”It is finished!”.
Tomorrow, we will celebrate the resurrection at the garden tomb and celebrate communion together before boarding the plane to head home. The trip has been a wonderful time of fellowship. Sharing the experience of the Holy Land with brothers and sisters in Christ who you know and love has proved to be an added blessing. We will not forget what we have seen and heard together. We will long cherish the memories, joy,and laughter that we have shared together.


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